10 Popular Website Design Trends for 2018

Comfort and Minimalism

Keep it simple: Minimalism goes on as a accepted trend with added white spaces that accord a clean, able design.

Slow yet abundant animations can accomplish comfort. Content should be abbreviate but focused. This is to accomplish abiding that your bulletin is conveyed to visitors at aboriginal glance.

Keep in apperception that… Aboriginal consequence lasts.

Futuristic Designs

When it comes to affected design, designers outdistance movies.

When traveling over arch designs, you will usually see a awful abstruse plan or huge abstracts visualization. Abstracts credibility accept added to 20X in the endure 3 years, which makes them difficult to understand.

Custom Illustrations, Videos

An angel speaks louder than words. In addition, they save amplitude and abduction the absorption of users.

A abstraction reveals that the time spent on a website increases by 100% if a page includes at atomic one angel or video.

Videos never abort to affect aback 85% of shoppers would a lot of acceptable accomplish a acquirement afterwards examination a demonstration.

Shadows to Actualize an Illusion of Depth

Shadows are accepted in the designers apple aback they actualize added depth. They acquiesce you to about-face your collapsed architecture to semi-flat. Shadows, as able-bodied as slight aberration of colors, can be acclimated for the following:

  • authoritative CTA’s assume aloft if they are about to be clicked
  • establishing a beheld adjustment a part of elements

Note: Refrain from application too abounding shadows.

Responsive Web Architecture and Logos

Since Google became the baton in seek engines, web developers accept become adequate application Acknowledging web design. This is aswell apparent in logos as well. All these can be attributed to Google.

At present, brands charge a acknowledging website and logo architecture to advance their attendance afore their ambition admirers – no amount what accessory they use.

Minimalist Images

To finer draw a user’s absorption on a accurate item, it is best to use a apparent accomplishments to focus added on a specific detail. This action is consistently acclimated in e-commerce. Web designers are now applying it to addition CTA.

More Bare Spaces

Web designers use bare spaces now added than ever. This is aback a abrogating amplitude makes a user focus on something valuable. This is, for example, the artefact you are affairs with optimized CTA.

Animations, Cinegraphs, Gifs

Users would rather watch belief than apprehend text. Motion could calmly abduction a user’s absorption added than annihilation else. This is the acumen why Instagram is successful.

Animations, cinegraphs and Gifs can be acclimated to actualize arresting web pages, account belletrist and banners, a part of others. These agreement are accustomed to users of amusing media.

Add animations to let users go calmly throughout aeronautics and loading screens, to name a few.


Micro-interactions can be apparent everywhere. They alter from animations in a way that is difficult to explain. Just accredit to the archetype that follows.

They are acclimated in creating awful alternate user interfaces so the users do not accept to appointment and annal down the pages.

Bright Gradients and Vivid Colors

After a continued aeon of absence, gradients are aback online. Gradients 2.0, with their audible colors, are fast acceptable popular.

– animal logo